Maison Esnault


Discover our extensive know-how through three exceptional signatures…

Tristan Esnault : unique and hand-forged creations
Forge Esnault : limited series of hand-forged creations
Esnault : pieces of cutlery made and mounted by hand

Tristan Esnault

Tristan Esnault
High-end forged Cutlery

As a Blacksmith and a Knife-maker since 1998, Tristan Esnault is continuously striving for remarkable fineness when working on his anvil.
His precision when hammering enables him to forge and realize sleek-lined knives including some in Damascus steel.
With precious materials and knowledge, he creates unique knives by matching his expertise with the skills in jewelry of his wife, Anne Sophie.
Tristan doesn’t confine himself to a unique range of knives but he tries hard to explore various universes with this sensitivity that makes him and his knives so singular.